Project Description

Muskogee Public Schools has decided to renovate its Sadler Arts Academy. We are working with GH2 Architects to renovate their auditorium, gym, and library to revamp the facility. The former gym will be turned into an event space that includes new teaching walls that can be moved to fit the occasion taking place.

CRUX is providing audio/visual systems design in the auditorium area. Auditoriums can be challenging to renovate because of the acoustic environment essential for success. However, when the facility was initially built the focus on acoustics was a top priority, so CRUX was able to focus on other audio/visual elements throughout the facility. Due to the existing acoustic systems already in place, CRUX coordinated with the architect and the Owner to ensure that the updated design performed seamlessly with the original acoustics design. It was imperative that any outside noise be absorbed using reflection panels that reflect to the back of the stage to attenuate unwanted sound.

Low Voltage Design Scope

  • Audio/Visual Systems
  • Acoustic Consulting