Innovation is the Crux of Who We Are

We are consultants, designers, and creative problem-solvers committed to helping you design smarter, more efficient buildings. Let’s innovate, together. 

Through collaboration with building designers and owners, we design the communications, audio-visual, lighting, and security systems that keep people safe and productive.

At Crux, we are committed to providing unmatched consulting and advice for architects, engineers, and building owners. We fulfill that promise by designing sustainable solutions, so you can feel confident that your property is tech-enabled for today and future-ready for tomorrow.  

Technology is a fast-moving target. Get in front of it with Crux. 

Staying connected without sacrificing security is more critical than ever. That’s why you need a partner you can trust to work alongside your team and address your unique challenges. 

We design smarter, more efficient buildings.

We are committed to creative problem solving, continual learning, and innovation. After listening carefully to your needs, our team develops solutions that meet your facility’s security and technology requirements—and your expectations. Our team will be there for you throughout the entire design and construction lifecycle, from conceptual design to construction administration and commissioning, advising you on the next step and how to get the most from your comprehensive solution. 

We promote learning. 

At Crux, we strive to learn something new every day. This commitment to continuous learning permeates our projects. People are at their best when they feel safe and connected. Therefore, we approach all of our building designs with the mission of creating environments that are secure, invite collaboration, and inspire learning. 

We help you design and deploy a top-notch security strategy.

Our experience in security design and crime prevention is proven and trusted. Crux security professionals blend technology, efficient processes, and innovative concepts to protect your building and create facilities that not only inspire learning and productivity, but meet the dynamic technology and physical security needs. 

We know what we’re doing.

Crux professionals have decades of combined experience in the technology and security solutions industry. Our expertise extends to network infrastructure, specialized low-voltage systems, audio-visual and security infrastructure, telecom, intelligent lighting, and more. Choose Crux, and you’ll be delighted with our vast portfolio, expertise, and commitment to keeping you ahead of the curve. 

We provide unmatched service to our clients in the following markets: 

  • Commercial
  • Government 
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Tribal

“Crux has shown that for security, tel/data and other low voltage design needs, we can be confident that they will provide the service and client satisfaction we are looking for.”

Roger Stein

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