Will Turner, RCDD

Senior Technology Consultant

To say Will Turner has deep industry experience might be an understatement. Over his 25-year career working with low-voltage systems, Will has done it all – from tech lead, project lead, project manager and department manager to integration designer, consultant, salesman and account manager. He has worked with a wide range of applications, including network cabling, telecommunications and audio/visual systems in a full spectrum of settings, from manufacturing to education. This kind of broad, hands-on expertise is invaluable, especially when a project presents unexpected challenges.

At CRUX, Will turns his considerable talents to designing advanced systems and overseeing their implementation. “In today’s competitive markets,” he says, “clients often struggle to find integrators that provide the solutions that are best for themĀ  at a price they can afford.” That’s where his background is such an asset. Because he has worked in so many different environments with different technologies under different constraints, he has learned to think creatively. “I have a unique understanding of how to deliver the highest possible quality while staying within a client’s budget.”