Sarah Gannon

Technology Designer

Sarah brings an artist’s eye and a builder’s strategy to all her projects for Crux clients. She has a diverse background in interior design and construction that has been pivotal in driving her approaches to creating unique options for client needs. Sarah draws on creativity and a three-dimensional sense of building design to develop outside-the-box solutions that stand up to difficult challenges and aid in overall design decisions. 

Sarah has a strong commitment to client satisfaction and a passion for detail. She knows listening carefully to understand a client’s vision for their space is ultimately the biggest task in any design project. She has cultivated an ability to communicate with clients to accurately envision what their end goals are and how they want and need their space to function. From there, Sarah taps her creativity and experience to work with the Crux team and develop aesthetically and technologically sound solutions.  

Sarah specializes in working with commercial interiors and lighting design using low-voltage systems, such as intelligent low voltage lighting controls. As smart building construction and renovations are becoming more commonplace, Sarah is seeing more opportunities for Crux clients to apply POE lighting solutions. Incorporating lighting design in spaces that also function primarily on low voltage has been a growing challenge for her that has also created opportunities to educate clients about the advantages of designing a space using low voltage technology. Her background in both interior design and construction enables Sarah to work alongside architects, engineers, and construction managers as they manage the impact integrating low voltage lighting could affect timelines, as well as mitigate delays and costs for the client.

Sarah studied interior design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. 

  • Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Interior Design
  • BICSI Member