Osvaldo Gomera, DSCE

Design Associate

As a Design Associate at CRUX, Osvaldo works on model production and technology contract drawings. He draws on his experience with Revit and AutoCAD, working with more senior designers to answer contractor questions. He also supports the team by providing information needed for design meetings.

Throughout his time with CRUX, Osvaldo has expanded his knowledge and experience with technology-related design tasks, maintaining an electronic document library and performing quality control for technical and security documents.

Osvaldo has a deep personal interest in technology, stemming from his work building and repairing computers, installing software, and designing tech platforms. He joined the CRUX team as an intern to learn about the audio/visual side of technology and build a career within this space. He brings a talent for efficiency and productivity to our team that results in excellent client experiences.

Osvaldo is currently pursuing his CTS certification and will continue to apply his growing skill set to ensure the clients he works with are completely satisfied.

  • DSEG Digital Signage Certified Expert