Jackie Goodwin

Project Manager

What does it take to excel as a project manager? In the case of Jackie Goodwin, it takes perspective. “I look at every problem with an individualistic mindset,” says Jackie. “Every problem is different, and so is every solution. What worked on a project last month may not work on a different project today.” It takes an open mind to see a way past challenges you’ve never encountered before – and that’s where Jackie shines.

Jackie has worked for architecture, engineering, geotechnical and general contracting companies that serve clients across the country. Throughout her 18 years in the AEC industry, Jackie has encountered and overcome many difficult challenges. She has also handled a wide range of responsibilities, including team management, volume distribution, resolution coordination, project coordination and management, accounts receivable, and operations and process management.

Jackie has worked at every stage of the process, from pre-construction to design to project delivery to post-construction remediation. Detail-oriented, flexible and easy to work with, she is an asset to any team or project.