Chad Pressley

Technology Designer

As a CRUX Design Associate, Chad works with clients to develop custom security applications that solve issues that impact their businesses. In his approach to every design, Chad marries real-world experience from his 15 years as an integrator with theoretical knowledge and the latest technological advances.

Chad’s philosophy is that it’s not enough for a solution to look good in print; it also has to be installed, maintained, and operate effectively and efficiently to be considered a win. He feels the CRUX team is uniquely positioned to freely and objectively consider options that best serve each client’s interests. Chad knows that not all solutions are the same. But he and his team bring both knowledge of and experience with a broad range of products to each project, ensuring clients are in the best of hands.

Chad believes the success of client solutions can’t be measured by numbers alone. As additional measures of success, he also looks at whether a solution fits the application, what problems were solved, and who was impacted.