Security Design & Consulting

Let CRUX help you develop a comprehensive security solution

We are passionate about working with clients to identify a holistic approach to security that includes site assessments, well-considered response protocols, and technology investments. CRUX guides building owners and architects through the process of identifying security risks and designing solutions that best meet your unique needs. By addressing the people and process side of security before we dive into technology solutions, CRUX helps you maximize your available resources to create safer buildings.

Security assessments to guide your planning process    

Our expertise in designing security systems starts by identifying facility or campus weaknesses. In fact, many of our clients find this discovery process alone leads to powerful recommendations for improvement. After all, simple procedural changes can sometimes make a big difference in improving your site security. CRUX security site assessments support master and emergency operations planning and serve as an excellent first step for prioritizing capital investments for your facility.

Security technology tailored to deter and detect your biggest risks

There are countless ways to control access to your property and monitor activity. They are all evolving fast. It’s our job to stay ahead of developments in this rapidly changing technology space. This allows us to connect you with the innovative options that will best achieve your needed level of security. We aim to design a system that is as unique as your risks, incorporating electronic security system options customized to deter, detect, and respond to specific threats.

Integration is at the CRUX of a comprehensive security approach

With CRUX, you can more easily integrate your security systems within your broader technology infrastructure and security strategy, and better leverage your investment into an integrated solution that puts all of your technology to work keeping your facility smart and secure.

Ready to strengthen your approach to security? Contact CRUX about your next project.