Network Infrastructure Design & Consulting

The data network infrastructure is the heart of any building’s technology design.

We can design every part of your network infrastructure; the copper and fiber optic cables, and all the other parts and pieces needed to make your wired and wireless networks operate reliably. The design will be created in 3D modeling software (Revit) that will allow us to create construction drawings and coordinate our design with other members of the design team. Our drawings will also be complemented with specifications that detail the products, quality, and workmanship required of the installers.   

Our Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) have designed the network infrastructure for thousands of projects in virtually any facility type you can think of.

Our expertise covers traditional copper-based networking and extends to today’s modern fiber based infrastructure that we call Fiber to the Edge (FTTE). These FTTE networks use many different technologies across the same infrastructure and can converge voice, video, data, and wireless access services at gigabit speeds over a single strand of fiber.

Our services are not limited just to design. We also provide network assessment, planning, project management, and construction administration services.