Intelligent Lighting Design & Consulting

A Smart Choice: Intelligent PoE Lighting Systems

Using intelligent, PoE power systems for lighting can make buildings more energy efficient, safer, and healthier– and they cost less to operate. Modern LED fixtures, controlled and powered by PoE, can give designers more freedom than ever to help create the perfect environment for building users.

Bringing Intelligent Lighting to your Buildings

CRUX is here to answer questions you may have about PoE lighting systems. We provide a holistic assessment and focus our implementation on a full integration of all your building systems. Our experts guide you through the entire process — from evaluating intelligent lighting options to testing and approving the installation.

The Benefits of Intelligent Lighting Systems

Although intelligent PoE lighting solutions are an upfront investment, forward-thinking organizations already understand the potential long-term benefits and are deploying these systems throughout their facilities.

Improve security and safety

While high-density sensor networks ensure that any motion sets off lights at night, the security benefits of PoE lighting systems extend beyond those of traditional lighting systems. PoE lighting can be used to give building occupants control over lighting (e.g., in an office or study area) and assist with comfort and productivity. It can be programmed to interact with emergency notification systems to show occupants the way out of a building during an emergency or give warnings of a threat.

Create a pleasing, comfortable environment

With PoE lighting systems, color tuning can be used not only to create visually stunning environments, but also to create more comfortable environments by easily programming and tuning color temperature to mimic the sun and improve focus and concentration and reduce fatigue. Many intelligent lighting providers have an open platform that can integrate with HVAC controls, making it even easier to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.

Future-proof lighting and reduce costs

Technology is rapidly changing, but you can successfully plan for the future by incorporating PoE lighting systems into your building. These systems are long-lasting, with an expected lifespan of 25-30 years, which helps provide a strong ROI. And PoE lighting is more cost-effective because it uses low-voltage cables and motion sensors to light only the spaces in use. These systems also offer a unique opportunity to tie into on-site solar power systems simply and efficiently because they use the same voltage as photocells and don’t require conversions.

Stay connected

Normally, you have to physically flip a switch or set a timer to turn on lights. With PoE lighting systems, which can be controlled through a variety of software applications that are device-agnostic and accessible from any browser, you can stay connected from anywhere. Our software also has dashboards that provide a quick overview of usage. 

Eliminate silos

Buildings often use 10 or more different systems, from HVAC to video surveillance to lighting controls and beyond. With PoE lighting systems, you can use open APIs to integrate with other building systems and networked operations to consolidate lighting and security and allow core technology systems to communicate with each other.

Crux’s Intelligent Lighting System offerings

When you partner with CRUX, we’ll be there for you from project conception to the end. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of a project with us:

  • Our consultants will talk you through various strategies and benefits of PoE lighting systems.
  • A designer will help specify your system’s requirements to ensure your needs are met and prepare you for releasing a request for proposal.
  • Once you’ve received the request for proposal responses, our team provides bid assistance, sharing our industry insights and experience to help you compare and rate your options.
  • Finally, our team will inspect and verify that your solution is complete, properly installed, and ready for you.