Audio-Visual Design & Consulting 

Creating a harmonious Audio-Visual experience for system users and building occupants 

Your Audio-Visual solutions are a key part of how users interact with your space, so achieving the right design is paramount. CRUX guides architects and building owners through the process of mapping the occupant experience and advising on technology solutions that best meet your needs. 

We assess and design Audio-Visual solutions for a full range of project types. Whether you want to upgrade the experience in a single room, your entire building or a stadium or performance venue, our process is the same. We start with a design phase that helps our experts understand the types of experiences you aim to deliver in your space and how they will impact your Audio-Visual needs. Then we develop a solution that provides the level of flexibility necessary to create a seamless experiential environment. 

Let CRUX help you discover what is possible from advanced Audio-Visual technology 

It’s our job to stay ahead of technology developments, and this allows us to connect you with the innovative options that best achieve your desired Audio-Visual experience. We look for solutions that provide the level of automation and whole building integration that your project demands and AV operators expect. By creating solutions that prioritize a simple user experience, we ensure that you get the most from your investment. 

Service is at the CRUX of every Audio-Visual solution we deliver

Our number one goal is to out-serve our competition. We do this by providing a high level of service that goes beyond providing cookie-cutter solutions.  In addition to our design and consulting services, CRUX can provide technology assessments that help you prioritize future capital investments. An assessment can also help identify where adjustments in user training, added automation or a single upgrade might lead to big results. 

Incorporate Audio-Visual design in your network planning for an integrated experience 

Ready to create a better Audio-Visual experience? Contact CRUX about your next project.