Top 5 Blogs That Every Building Owner Should Be Following

August 30, 2019|Drew Deatherage

Owning a building usually entails plenty of upkeep and maintenance. From time to time you’ll need to repair or replace certain pieces of the building, but overall, it might last for decades. The problem is, technology is racing forward and continues to provide new upgrades and innovations to make buildings safer, more secure, and more efficient. You probably shouldn’t jump at every single new idea that you see, but it doesn’t hurt to stay up-to-date on what’s happening.

At CRUX, we’re at the forefront of building design with technology and security systems, and we want to share our expertise with as many building owners as possible. With that in mind, we wanted to bring you our 5 favorite blogs that we think every building owner should be following.

Sentry Communications and Security

This blog from Sentry has everything you need to know about keeping your building safe and secure. Whether it’s a business, a warehouse, a hotel, or any other building, you’ll find information on how to protect it. You’ll find tips on security during inclement weather, how to best protect your store, and even security monitoring for your business office. It’s a great resource to come back to when you have questions about how to keep your property secure.

Green Building Elements

Sustainable building materials and additions are trending right now, and they may be the future for many construction projects. Not only should you keep an eye on new and innovative tech, but you can also look for additions that you can bring to your current building. Green Building Elements’ blog has the latest info and news that you need about all types of sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials and additions. With tax credits and other incentives available, it might be worth keeping an eye on your options.

Building Design + Construction

BD+C Magazine operates this blog, and it’s a great resource for information on non-residential building and construction topics. You’ll find all the latest news on new technology and innovations in the construction industry, as well as resources for buildings of all types. From offices to college buildings there’s something here for nearly everyone.

Building Owners and Managers Association

The BOMA website has tons of great resources for anyone who owns or manages a property and wants to keep it in the best shape possible. You’ll find plenty of white papers and case studies about issues that matter to you, as well as workplace transformation research and economic impact studies. This is definitely one that every building owner should have bookmarked.


The CRUX blog is one of the best resources available for industry knowledge and news about the challenges and opportunities being created by new technology. Building owners will find plenty of great reads that keep them in the know about the latest innovations and what may be coming next. You’ll be treated to informative and relevant posts on what matters most to you, and you’ll always be up to date on industry developments.

Want to learn more about the intersection of new technology and building design? Then contact CRUX today.

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